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Advanced Data Systems Selects CareSync to offer CCM technology


CareSync, the leading provider of software and services for chronic disease management, today joined forces with electronic health record (EHR) provider, Advanced Data Systems (ADS), to offer its customers chronic care management (CCM) technology and services. With access to CareSync CCM, ADS’s providers can now more effectively coordinate care and be reimbursed for Medicare’s CCM billing requirements, enriching the patient-provider experience and increasing monthly, recurring revenue for practices.

ADS will add CareSync to its Medics EHR solution, allowing its providers to outsource chronic care management activities by virtually accessing a certified nursing team to provide the comprehensive care coordination services required by Medicare’s CCM program. This includes the development of an up-to-date, comprehensive care plan shared with patients, caregivers and other providers. By empowering providers with technology and services to more easily achieve Medicare’s CCM requirements, CareSync will support ADS customers to produce an additional, substantial revenue stream from coordinating and managing patient care between visits.

“Our providers are staffed to capacity for the current level of care, and with current workflows, there are not a lot of extra hours to effectively coordinate chronic care management,” said David Barzillai, President of ADS. “CareSync is the only vendor we found to meet our providers’ specific needs, and we’re proud to partner with a company offering best-in-breed technology.”

“As care models inevitably continue to evolve, providers must reevaluate the technology and approaches to patient care to remain economically sound,” Travis Bond, founder and chief executive officer at CareSync said. “New payment models offer practices a tremendous opportunity to come out ahead in the transition to value-based care, and we believe partnering with EHR companies, like ADS, will help make this vision a reality.”

CareSync CCM will be available to all ADS customers immediately.

CareSync’s partnership with ADS is the latest announcement in a number of CareSync EHR partnerships.

About Advanced Data Systems

ADS is a leading provider of interoperable automation solutions to medical practices, enterprise organizations, imaging centers, behavioral health organizations, and to revenue cycle management companies. The Medics Suite from ADS includes MedicsDocAssistant™ and MedicsCloud™, certified as a complete EHR for Stage 2 Meaningful Use, MedicsPremier™ and MedicsElite™ for comprehensive practice management, and MedicsRIS™ specifically for radiology practices. MedicsRCM™ is available for practices that prefer to outsource their RCM services. The Medics Suite is integrated as a unified solution or can be obtained separately per the needs of the practice. They can be utilized Cloud / ASP or customer hosted (client server) format. ADS provides quick Implementation, comprehensive Training and excellent ongoing Support with Updates. Thousands of providers rely on solutions from ADS.

About CareSync

CareSync is the leading provider of software and services for chronic disease management, combining technology with 24/7 nursing services to facilitate care coordination among patients, family and caregivers and all providers. CareSync allows any healthcare organization to easily provide and be reimbursed for care between patient visits, which supports value-based care goals and enhances patient satisfaction. Patients can also use CareSync to more easily get and access all of their health information, goals and care plans, placing them at the center of their healthcare experience and driving more productive medical appointments and better health outcomes. For more information about CareSync, visit


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