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Are Nootropics Genuine and Safe to Take?


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Having trouble in focusing and keeping information is never easy. Sometimes, we wish that we can just buy something to improve that aspect in our lives. We’re pretty sure people will run to the nearest supermarket in haste if that’s the case. If only drinking a particular pill would help us retrieve the key points that we are studying every night.

And only if a drug would help us remember the details of the class discussion before the week of the exam, we’re real sure that students will no longer have to suffer from procrastination and study the previous lessons late at night.

What if we tell you that a particular drug called “nootropics” can help you with every issue that we had above?  But before digging in deeper to how it works, let me ask you one real question. What are nootropics?

Nootropics (often called smart drugs and cognitive enhancers) are drugs, food supplements, and other stuff that enhance mental functions precisely your memory, your creativity and your motivation towards anything. Let’s cite this as an example:

Do you still remember the Limitless movie lead by Bradley Cooper? He drinks a “Limitless pill” for him to be productive in his job as a writer. To those who happen to watch the movie, Eddie (portrayed by Bradley Cooper) was able to recall things and details in vivid.

The film had significantly affected the people’s view with that Limitless brain pill.

Aside from that, as an effect, he was also able to think more creatively and see the relation of one thing to another swiftly. That is the part that caught the attention of the public. People are now asking, “Is the pill from Limitless real?”

Are the new Limitless pills effective? Are they the heaven sent medicine for many dementias? And more importantly, are these type of drug proved and tested safe?

In this aspect, only a few drugs are popular to improve our cognitive ability. Other medications that are said to be brain enhancers are still in the process of research and development. One of the most usual types of drug that people use nowadays is stimulants, just like caffeine. This kind of pill can cure some cognitive and even motor diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or commonly called ADHD, and any other dementias as stated.

However, part of the population of the researchers are not yet convinced and continues to study the said type of drug. Nonetheless, intensive advertising and marketing of this product do not measure its effectiveness.

While it is still in the phase of advancement and many laboratories support the study of this pill from Limitless, many producers or should we say manufacturers highlight the warning that making this as an ingredient of a dietary supplement is not yet legally approved and is just authenticated by some independent individuals.

As what we have written above, this type of drugs is widespread as they can cure various mind malfunctions such as Alzheimer’s disease. Some specialists have already prescribed this pills to those diagnosed with such (Alzheimer’s disease) condition and other dementias.

Most of the people who use this are elders whose age is 60 and above. But even if seniors use this most of the time, some cases report that students also use this to enhance their ability to remember especially those who are in their final year and those who are reviewing for their board exam.


With the help of extensive studies, research and the modern technology, little by little, specialists find a cure, if not, prevention to some medical ailments especially illness or malfunctions of the brain. Our brain is one of the great organs in our body. That’s why it is highly important to know the signs, avoidance, and treatment needed.

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