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How Mobile Apps Can Improve Employee Health


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The health of your employees can affect your business in many ways. Perhaps this is the reason why universal health care support among small businesses like the ones in Oregon is rising. Still, care is not guaranteed, but the following mobile apps can help improve health care for your employees, which can help your small business, too.

Fitness Works

One way to improve the health of your employees and ensure they do not get sick often is to encourage them to download apps to help them workout. You can even implement workout breaks at work to give your employees more time to take care of their bodies. A body that is operating at optimal levels can fend off bacterial and viral attacks a lot better, which is exactly what a fitness app will attempt to do.


An exciting piece of technology that was introduced after smartphones is smart wearables, which includes smartwatches. There are a number of apps that can be downloaded that could help a person monitor crucial things like heart rate. The idea is that all of this information will be stored and can be shared with your employee’s physician on their next visit. Having day-to-day data gives doctors more information and helps them make more precise decisions regarding an employee’s health. You want your employees to perform at their peak for as long as possible, making health care quite important.

Provider Help

Some health care providers offer patients smartphone applications that they can download. These applications help patients learn more about issues they might be dealing with, such as special diets they need to follow. These applications also help doctors share results, and some even give patients the opportunity to communicate with nurses about a particular concern they might have about symptoms and such. You can encourage your employees to download these apps if they are available to them.

Safer Ride

Your employee faces many dangers as he or she commutes to work, especially while driving. You could tell your employees about apps that will stop them from using smart devices while driving. Smartphones are a distraction, so downloading apps that stop all communication until your employees get home or to work should help them stay focused. This should increase their chances of getting home and to work safely each day. Safer driving could also reduce your employees’ auto insurance costs, which might be helpful the next time they get home and auto insurance quotes.


You might not think nutrition can do much to improve productivity, but it can. For example, consuming spicy foods like peppers can make employees a little more alert and productive. Making sure your employees have apps that encourage good eating should also help prevent minor colds or even headaches. Both of these ailments could slow down production and even force workers to miss work. It is clear to see just how important nutrition can be for a small business owner; in fact, you could even consider swapping out junk food and replacing it with healthier options at work.

Of course, these are just some of the apps out there that can help improve health care in your small business. You can do little things at work, too, some of which was mentioned earlier. Think about hiring wellness consultants or even having wellness retreats to try to encourage healthy lifestyles at work. This will not only improve your productivity as a whole, but it should help you stay healthy, too, since you will being exposed to so much information about health.

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