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FormFast Helps Bring Healthcare Documentation Up to Speed


FormFast, the leading provider of electronic healthcare form solutions, today announced the product launch of FormFast Capture. FormFast Capture offers easy-to-use functionality to convert paper forms into electronic documents that offer capabilities not possible with traditional documentation.  Documents are instantly archived in the EHR, giving healthcare staff an easier, more efficient way to capture data and electronically archive healthcare documents.

“We identified a very common problem among healthcare organizations – the surprising realization that paper documentation, and the associated risks, inefficiencies, and costs, are still present in many clinical areas. With FormFast Capture, our goal was to solve this problem while enhancing an organization’s investment in their EHR system and giving them the resources needed to improve quality care,” said Randy Campbell, President of FormFast.

For many hospitals, critical ancillary care documentation – such as consents, specialty care forms, checklists, evidence-based protocols and rounding documents – are often not automated by the EHR. FormFast Capture helps replace these remaining paper documents with eForms that maintain a familiar appearance, but have robust features that allow for more sophisticated, structured types of input.

FormFast Capture’s features include:

  • fillable fields for discrete data capture
  • hyperlinks to educational content
  • export to data warehouses and EHR systems
  • integration via HL7 & FHIR
  • mobile device support
  • and more

FormFast integrates with existing platforms across organizations to pre-populate information into eForms.  This expedites the completion of the forms and maintains the integrity of the information from the original data source. Clinicians can quickly complete the documents on a computer or mobile device, contributing to a more automated, paperless environment. The data captured in FormFast can be fed back into a data repository to contribute to a more comprehensive EHR, or be sent to an analytics platform to be monitored for quality.

Visit to learn more about FormFast Capture and to register for the launch event.

FormFast’s enterprise software platform automates documents and workflow, capturing data and streamlining processes. With more than 20 years exclusively focused on healthcare and over 1000 clients, FormFast is the industry leader in electronic forms solutions. With FormFast, hospitals achieve new levels of operational efficiency, allowing them to concentrate on their core mission: delivering quality care. Learn more.

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